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From "David Zimmerman" <>
Subject Struts and high performance sites
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2002 05:56:26 GMT
we are building a webshop for a site with a high volume of users, approx. 800 concurrent users
and 25k transactions per hour. We are going to use J2EE as the ground platform. I am now considering
some design choices where using Struts is one of them. However I have some questions regarding
the performance of Struts. I know this issue has been up many times before but I have never
been able to find any satisfying answers, so...

What, if any, overhead does the Struts controller generate? This question must of course be
seen in the context of writing your own controller or using any other framework. However,
what is Struts overhead?

What overhead does the use of form beans generate (in the sense of objects created, memory
use, the use of reflection, speed)

Custom tags (Struts' or other). Would they be applicable in a case like this? Wouldn't there
be a massive creation of objects for every request?

Please help me out here! I really want your knowledge on this!

David Zimmerman

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