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From "mail" <>
Subject How to return changes made on a JSP iteration of object properties to the Action Class
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 06:36:48 GMT
I am creating an ArrayList of GridDetermination objects in session scope. I
sent this to a JSP which displays the arraylist properties. I then can make
changes to a property and hit submit, but when the action gets the arraylist
back (via the session.getAttribute) the changes are not there. The ArrayList
is the same as when I sent it.
Is there a step in the JSP that I am missing, like a setProperty, etc...,
that will store the changes into the ArrayList in the session scope?

Can anyone tell me how I can send an ArrayList of objects, iterate through
it to create a table on the web page, allow changes to each property, then
return that change to the Action class where I can perform operations based
upon the change?

Thanks in advance!

example of my JSP iterate:

<logic:iterate id="gridDeterminations"
<td><bean:write name="gridDeterminations" property="messageCode"
filter="true"/> </td>
<td><bean:write name="gridDeterminations" property="messageDesc"
filter="true"/> </td>
<td><bean:write name="gridDeterminations" property="messageSeverity"
filter="true"/> </td>
<html:select property="processResp" size="1">
<html:option value=""></html:option>
<html:option value="CMPLD">CMPLD</html:option>
<html:option value="OIS">OIS</html:option>
<html:option value="RDA">RDA</html:option>
<html:option value="BMA">BMA</html:option>
<html:option value="PMA">PMA</html:option>
<html:option value="DEN">DEN</html:option>
<html:radio property="overrideInd" value="A"/>Approve
<html:radio property="overrideInd" value="D"/>Deny
<td> </td>

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