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From "Gideon, Thomas" <>
Subject RE: newbie include question
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 22:26:12 GMT
> Yes, I goofed on that one - sorry.

Heh, it happens, even to the best of us.  d^;

> I tend to advocate as clean of a solution as possible.  That's why I 
> tend to try and shove the JSTL at folks.  I can't begin to 
> say how much 
> easier it can make a person's life.

I agree completely, but this is a Strut's list, so I try not to assume
anything beyond that, or qualify any suggestions that require JSTL.

> Not everyone can use the JSTL (requires Servlet/JSP spec 2.3/1.2), 
> that's true, but many of us can -- and I like to make sure 
> people know 
> that it's out there and usable -- and works!

Exactly!  (^:  However, I think we need to be mindful of the varying degree
of experience and expertise of the list membership.  JSTL is great because
it allows more powerful script-like functionality without the syntactically
distressing scriptlets, but not everyone using Struts is necessarily going
to be a programmer and may like Struts-style tags, which tend to work more
monolithically, whereas JSTL tends to work more atomically.  Perhaps also
suggesting people looking for a more 4GL-like environment also check out
Java Server Faces if they are not inclined to use Struts.

> Sorry for my imprecision.  You're absolutely right.  Thanks for the 
> correction.  I just abhor seeing folks given examples that involve 
> scriplets.  I mean, really, we tell folks all the time how 
> wrong it is 
> to use scriplets and then we turn around and given them 
> solutions that 
> involve them?  Not me!

Imprecision is one of my pet peeves.  Lo the day when someone else catches
me being imprecise.  I would advise being a bit more open about scriptlets,
too, though.  While for the less seasoned or more design oriented JSP author
they should be avoided, you do lose some of the type safety involved with
scriptlets and, more particularly, runtime expressions.  While I generally
do not advocate scriptlets, I do try to remember their place and when they
are a fit solution, like bridging Struts to the jsp: taglib, or when there
are performance or other low level technical issues which might demand them,
I do not go out of my way to avoid them, either.  Beware the single tool
mentality.  (^;

Thomas Gideon
Sr. Software Developer

301.230.2236  Tel.
301.230.2248  Fax.

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