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From John Yu <>
Subject Re: HOWTO add actions to the Struts "pipeline"
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 02:08:33 GMT
There was a thread on this issue days ago.



In addition, you can provide a common Action superclass.

At 09:36 am 12-09-2002, you wrote:
>I want to add an action to the Struts "pipeline" so that every single 
>request will cause the ActionServlet, or any other entity, to trigger a 
>custom service/action.
>Basically I want to add one or more custom "Helpers" or "Managers" that 
>will perform some processing for every request and then return control to 
>the ActionServlet so it can process the request and forward on to the 
>requested ActionClass.  I want these custom actions to fire for every 
>request and I want to fire some before the ActionClass(s) and some after 
>the ActionClass(s) is done.
>What mechanism(s) does Struts offer that will allow me to plug into the 
>existing Struts pipeline?
>Eric Weiss
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