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From John Yu <>
Subject Re: set a value from a form to a form
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 02:09:55 GMT

If I understand you correctly, you want to retain the value when the form 
is submitted. One option is to use <bean:message> to display the value and 
use <html:hidden> to retain the value for form submission.

<html:form ...>
   Prop1: <bean:message name="myForm" property="prop1"/>
   <html:hidden name="myForm" property="prop1"/>

The value is *not* retained in a bean. It's just resubmitted as an URI 
parameter. If you let Struts do the auto formbean population, you will get 
it in the actionform object.

Bean created by <bean:define> in the request scope will "disappear" because 
whenever you submit the form, that's a complete new request.

At 06:36 am 11-09-2002, you wrote:
>I have a form object that populates html fields. The problem is, I want to 
>display some of the form data and have it uneditable. When I submit the 
>form loses all the data that is not in an html:.. tag.
>I've tried...
>     <bean:define id="userRole" name="userForm" property="userRole" 
> scope="request" toScope="request"/>
>but this doesnt seem to work

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