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From Howard Miller <>
Subject <html:radio> inside <logic:iterate> disaster
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 09:18:24 GMT

Having lots of problems with <html:radio> inside <logic:iterate>. Have moved
it along but now have another problem.

Here is my code

<html:form action="/survey">
<logic:iterate id="surv" name="usersession" property="validsurvey"
type="com.marketingms.dynamic.ValidSurvey" >
  <html:radio name="surv" value="<%= surv.getSurveyid() %>"
property="validSurvey" />
  <bean:write name="surv" property="surveydescription" /><br>

This doesn't compile, error is...

Generated servlet error:
[javac] Compiling 1 source file
/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-4.1.9/work/Standalone/localhost/DynamicReporting/s cannot resolve symbol
 symbol : method setValue (int) 
location: class org.apache.struts.taglib.html.RadioTag
 _jspx_th_html_radio_0.setValue( surv.getSurveyid() );
                                    ^ 1 error 

(the arrow points to the dot to the left of setValue if mail mangles this)

Any thoughts.... this question was asked before (in the archives) but no
answer to be found. 
Howard Miller

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