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From kiuma <>
Subject Re: Scope of form beans
Date Sat, 21 Sep 2002 13:12:52 GMT
1) save the array list in the http session.
2) don't call jsp, but call the action related to it.
3) Pick your data from ArrayList
4) Cast the variable form in execute method ( or equvalent ) to the 
related form
5) Fill that form with the data jet picked.

You'll display the data.

Howard Miller wrote:

>I'm a bit confused... so I hope this makes some sense.
>I wish to display a form for the user to edit. BUT the form isn't empty 
>it needs to come from a bean that is sitting in an ArrayList. Is there 
>some way to do this directly?
>My answer (that doesn't work) is to create a "standalone" bean (of 
>the same type) in the action form that forwards to the page. I've tried 
>this a number of different ways but my form does not see the bean 
>"bean not found etc". I am creating the bean in request scope - is 
>this correct?
>Without ranting on any more, what are the "rules" for doing this, 
>assuming its a good idea at all.
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