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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: Backtracking & Breadcrumbs
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 19:06:54 GMT
I believe there is a breadcrumbs project somewhere that has an XML 
configuration.  You have to specify what is relative to what.  Search 
Google for "Java Breadcrumbs" or "Struts Breadcrumbs".  I've been 
thinking of implementing something along these lines as well, but mine 
would "know" where the links "lived" because of some customization I'm 
doing.  It's really easy to suck-in an XML config and populate beans 
using digester.  You figure out your heirarchy, determine a way to list 
it in XML, give digester a few rules, and turn it loose ;-)

Yeah, there's a little more to it than that - but not much!

My guess is that you want a categorical trail which lists the "category" 
a user is in - starting really coarse (Home) and going finer (Home -> 
Categories -> Sports -> Baseball ... ).  I don't see why you'd want to 
mimic the browsers back button.  From what I recall, the breadcrumbs 
project I heard about makes you declare things "categorically" (as per 
my example above).

Bartley, Chris P [PCS] wrote:

>Tip:  i'd strongly recommend not doing this (we briefly tried a prototype,
>and bailed on it because it created more problems than it solved).
>Here are a few gotchas:
>* You eliminate the possibility that the user can view your app with more
>than one window open at a time.  They'll either get really confused as to
>why the links are acting all screwy, or they'll figure it out, get mad, and
>never come back.
>* Reloading the page (unless you do some sort of "is this the same URL"
>check) will cause duplicate items in the queue.  Going back will keep you on
>the same page.  Bummer.
>* The user may use the back button and the page might be retrieved from the
>browser's cache.  Don't think you can easily defeat browser caching
>either...IE 5.5 will give you fits.

Eddie Bush

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