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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: global forwards in forms.
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 10:40:51 GMT
There's actually a feature requite there, but it's been marked "later".
A patch has also been submitted, but with everything else going on, I 
haven't been able to look at it closely enough to commit it.

I do agree that now that we can do things like specify the input 
parameter as a forward, it only makes sense to use these as the standard 
Struts URI wrapper. In the case of an Action form, it may still be a 
requirement that it resolve to an Action. But being able to flex the 
target of a form (without a RTE) makes it easier to share forms between 
workflows (see also #10550).

What really made be a believer is when I needed to change from 
application-based to container-based security. The targets of all the 
forms had to be changed to accomodate the URI pattern. The URIs may be 
virtual, but they are not logical. Other components have expectations 
about how they are used. If the targets of the forms had been specified 
as ActionForwards, I could have made ALL the changes from within the 
Struts configuration.


John Yu wrote:

> I see. Perhaps you can file a feature request in Bugzilla.
> At 07:44 am 06-09-2002, you wrote:
>> I understand, however I read in
>> "Rather than embed the path to an ActionMapping in a JSP, a link should
>> refer to a Global Forward instead...
>> <forward name="itemSearch"  path="/item/"/>
>> <forward name="itemFindDonor" path="/item/"/>"
>> I thought this was good advice. Also, since a form action is 
>> essentially a
>> link with parameters hidden from the browser's address bar I can't see 
>> why
>> we shouldn't be able to use a global forward here as well.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: John Yu []
>> Sent: Thursday, 5 September 2002 3:46 PM
>> To: Struts Users Mailing List
>> Subject: Re: global forwards in forms.
>> doesn't support forwarding to global forwards. What global forwards 
>> give you is globally visible symbolic URIs. In a sense, the actions 
>> are already globally visible symbolic URIs. (Watch out that using may 
>> not be compatible with multi subapps.)

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