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From Darren McGuinness <>
Subject Accessing Struts form beans from JSP's/Custom Tag Libraries
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 12:28:39 GMT

How do I go about accessing a form bean associated with a JSP from my
own custom tag?

Also from within the JSP page -For example,

I wish to use the <html:radio> tag but with the 'value' set to an
attribute from a form bean which was associated with the action that
called the JSP.
So say i have searchAction /searchBean which forward maps to select.jsp,
I then have a form posting to selectAction with selectBean....I
basically want to set an attribute in the selectBean to the same value
as one in the searchBean....

<html:radio value=<% code here to get the value of an attribute from
searchBean %> property="radioSelection"/>

using struts 1.0.


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