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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: [OT] Java Server Faces and Developer Life Comments
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 22:58:19 GMT
You're probably aware that I've been evaluating IDEs recently.  I 
finally wound up deciding that Netbeans 3.4 suited my needs/wants more 
closely than any other IDE.  Yes, you're kind of locked in to whatever 
Tomcat installation they packaged with it, but, other than that, it's 
really nice.  That, plus a locally (in my user directory) installed TC 
4.1.19 (the beta2) with a browser (Mozilla kicks!) having a tab opened 
to the admin and a tab opened to the manager works super.  I ... would 
like to see better support for other Tomcat versions in Netbeans, but, 
overall, I find it very satisfactory.

One of the biggest things I disliked was the fact that you can't specify 
a heirarchy as a "source heirarchy" - and can't specify where it would 
compile to.  I get around this using a (very) simple ant script. 
 Overall, I really think Netbeans is the ideal web-app IDE.  Yes, it's 
missing some nice features of the other IDEs, but ... it doesn't bother 
me too bad.  I may try Sun ONE Studio again once they've got Netbeans 
3.4 under it ... but the previous version (bundled with JDK 1.4) was an 
absolute beast - and had many problems on my machine.



Michael Delamere wrote:

>Yes, the Tomcat-Plugin is nice....
>is 256 MB SDRAM enough?

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