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From Joel Rees <>
Subject Re: Apple Web Objects
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 11:01:31 GMT
Haven't had any personal experience with it, but --

> Noting the spirit of open comment and criticism on
> Struts-alternative products in the J2EE community, I
> was mildly surprised to search the archives of
> theserverside and the Struts users list and find no
> reference to 'Apple Web Objects'.

It's expensive? Wait. Looking at Idea, it's only a little expensive.

> I was wondering if anyone had come across them in
> their travels. Their WYSIWYG approach is attractive,
> throwing away servlets and jsps does worry me but if
> it is still Java then it is still preferable to .Net,
> right? I may even be able to keep my EJBs ... 

It's funny. I've heard people complain about it, but what they said made
me wonder if there was anything they wouldn't complain about.

I think I've heard that it shares a lot with Apple's Cocoa IDE, which is
kind of fun, and very MVC, although it doesn't do nearly as much
hand-holding for you as, say, Delphi. How much you'd gain if you
succeeded in perverting it for Tomcat/Struts, I have no way of guessing.

> At US$1500 for a licence, is it worth looking into
> further?

I thought it was $700.

Joel Rees <>

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