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From Rademacher Tobias <>
Subject AW: Java Server Faces and Developer Life Comments
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 05:40:40 GMT
Hi Vic,

>Also, C# is a ECMA standard and here is the open source version:

..and currently it does not work on Linux, SunOS, HPUX and Mac.
Java is desinged to run on a huge portion of OS and so it's the best
joice if you want deal with a hetrogene network _now_.

>And most important, MS is MUCH cheaper than BEA or IBM J2EE servers.
>(Sun does not care about this. Sun is interested in selling $500,000
>SlowLaris machines that are slower sometimes than $2,000 Linux machines.

...than choose JBoss. It's really a good J2EE-Appserver. :-)

>a. Worst part of J2EE is EJB, not Java Server Faces. Look at M$ ADO, it is
>so much faster and easier.

Much poeple don't like EJB because auf EnityBeans and the persistence
But EJB CMP 2.0 Entites are straightforward if you use XDoclet. What I
really like
are MessageDrivenBeans. Is there anything comparable in .NET Components

EJB = Enytity + Session + MDB's

I aggree with you that M$ is good a simplifying and cutting down complexity.
But whenever I remember the completly odd desing of VB 6.x I can't believe
that there tools genereate good code. 

At the end .NET is just a copy of Java (J2SE, J2ME and J2EE) with a couple
improvements and desing flaws (why no generics, why pointers and unsafe
blocks?, single plattforms are 
eager to get infected especially if M$ don't care about security).

It would be better if M$ concrentrate on Intential Programming. Althoug
object orientation is
good it's just like a gard - you have take care of it to get a japanies
garden of desing.
So generative programming - intentional or ascpet orientet - would be a step
forward in software

At the end I think that OpenSource makes Java valuable and Java is strong
through its comunity 
process althoug such comunities tend to became debatty clubs with no
production I guess the .NET 
hype will prevent this :).


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