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From "Dan Cancro" <>
Subject [OT][WORKFLOW] Any best practice for "back", "save", "continue" buttons?
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 16:23:42 GMT
I'm thinking about a design where I maintain a URL stack in a session
variable that stores where a user has been, so that clicking a "back"
button (not the browser's) will take a user to the right place. It would
work like this: Click a "Continue" button -> Push a new URL onto the
stack, and take the user to that page Click a "Save" button -> Leave the
stack alone, and return the user to the same page Click a "Back" button
-> Pop a URL from the stack and take the user to the URL on the top of
the stack. Click a "Done" button -> Clear the stack. This would happen
when you click a link on a top nav bar or the finish button in a wizard,
for example. These would be the basic types of navigation. The actual
labels on the buttons or links could be whatever you want. For example,
you could have a "Continue" button labeled "Save" that takes the user to
another page. Has anyone tried something like this with good or bad
results? Thanks, Dan -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands,
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