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From Rajiv Kadayam <>
Subject RE: Servlet Mapping *.do problem
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:55:16 GMT

What is your apps context root? Check your application.xml. If your
context root is myapp for example, then your servlet url would be...


By default, WSAD sets your context root to the name of the webapp
The context root is actually "/struts-example"
so the logon action url does appear correctly as
"". but it just does'nt
work. Feels like Websphere is simply not resolving the "*.do" to "action"

It does'nt seem to be a seamless install on Websphere. Ideally I'd like to
drop the war file and be good to go. It works on tomcat, weblogic why not
websphere and this is 4.01

but, thanks for your efforts

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Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 9:55 AM
To: Aiken, Weston - Raleigh, NC; at
Subject: RE: Servlet Mapping *.do problem

>>Some suggest turning this off b/c for security reasons you might not
>>users to be able to access any old servlet through this mapping.  My
>>thinking is, you want them to access them through the manner that you
>>in your struts framework and not arbitrarily.

I am aware of the security problem, but i just turned it on for

>>It sounds like you've got the servlet deployed but that there might be
>>problem with the deployment descriptor which should be handling your

>>What URL are you trying for the example?

Yes the ActionServlet is deployed coz i can see some debug info, the
is out of the box from struts example war file. I am just trying to
from login page (http://localhost/logon.jsp), although I don't know the
login/password I was hoping to get at least a sensible error page but
all i
got was a page not found and the url was http://localhost/ I am
attaching my web.xml and ibm's xmi files.

I don't get any parser exceptions, it looks like struts-config gets read
fine, during start-up. But the mapping does'nt seem to work.

> After some further testing, i found that I can access some servlets by
> as long as they are mapped to "/servlet/...." but since the action
> are mapped as "*.do", it does'nt seem to like it.


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