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From "Kamholz, Keith (corp-staff) USX" <>
Subject RE: Iterate and Radio tags
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 13:50:10 GMT
I do the same thing in the app I just finished, except I used checkboxes.
They are used very similarly though.  Part of my code is:

<logic:iterate id="mc" name="entries" property="mcEntries"
type="" indexId="index1">
	<html:checkbox name="mc" property="selections" value="<%=
index1.toString() %>"/>

The only difference between this and what you're doing is that you use an
<html:radio> and the corresponding property takes a boolean value rather
that a String array (which I use with my checkboxes).

Does this help you?

~ Keith

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From: vk vk []
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 9:11 AM
Subject: Iterate and Radio tags 

   I am using STRUTS 1.0.2. And using a Radio Button inside an Iterate Tag. 
I would like to give a
unique id value to each and every radio button. The name of the button will 
be the same but the value will be different. So if a user clicks on a 
particular radio button, i will know which value is he looking for, 
depending on it i can do further search on database. I am successfully able 
to iterate through ArrayList and display values, but not able to get radio 
button working with struts 1.0.2.
Any code or examples will be very helpful.


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