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From "Mazza, Glen R, PERSCOM" <>
Subject data Structure to use for a list of data
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:23:48 GMT

Very common master-detail pattern:  User enters a query and gets a
multi-column master list of items matching that query.  Then the user
selects an item in the list to get to a detail form on that item.

The query/JDBC and detail form I can handle, but what Java data structure
(created in the action object) should I use to hold the master list items:
assume about 4-5 column items, one of them supplying data for the hyperlink:

<link id=1>   Last Name, First Name      Address       Email   etc.
<link id=2>   Last Name, First Name      Address       Email   etc.
<link id=3>   Last Name, First Name      Address       Email   etc.

Struts-related issues: (1) I expect to use the Iterator tag for multi-page
returns, I'm unsure if that would affect the data structure chosen.  (2) I'm
also interested in ease of display on the subsequent master list page, so I
would like a data structure that can be easily manipulated by the Struts tag
libraries in rendering the page.


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