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From "Adam Connors" <>
Subject How to put things in the ServletContext
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 09:15:56 GMT

Apologies if this is an obvious one I've missed, (I'm a newbie and a bit bewildered by the
onslaught of new information). But I want to put the home interface for an ejb into the servlet
context to save time with multiple jndi lookups.

Traditionally this is easily done in the servlet init() method and by making it a static member
of the servlet. But I don't have access to this anymore since everything goes through the
action servlet.

Is there a way of putting stuff into the init() method of the action servlet without faffing
around with subclassing it?

I've found the DataSource and connection pool stuff, is this what I need? Can I have application
context without the pool? Would there be any consequences of creating a pool with just one

Many thanks for your help,


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