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From John Raley <>
Subject Re: Want to Access Key/Value Pairs in Hashtable within jsp
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 14:27:39 GMT
Morycz, Felicia V wrote:

>I have done some archive searching and cannot seem to hit this topic.
>My business tier is going to be sending me a chunk of data that is delimited
>into key/value pairs.  I want to parse this data and put it into a
>Hashtable.  I want to be able to access this data from a jsp.
>1.  Is Hashtable the correct storage object?
Hashtable might be convenient for you but JSP tag libs (especially in 
Struts) are very bean-centric.

>2.  How should the Hashtable be stored on the request, wrapped inside a

You could represent the Hashtable as a bean with this API:

>3.  What is the syntax in the jsp to retrieve the values given a key?
<jsp:getProperty/> is the "built-in" way, although the Struts 
<bean:write> and <bean:define> tags are preferred.

Check it out: Map -> JavaBean

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