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From John Nicholas <>
Subject Re: Struts with Turbine
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 15:37:40 GMT
Smiley, Stuart wrote:
> Actually, the part of turbine that we used is torque.  We used log4j for
> logging and torque for our persistence layer.  Torque was relatively
> painless to set up and very easy to use.  It meshes well with struts,
> providing a easy transition from the relational database to the objects we
> needed for our application. Once we had it set up properly we hardly had to
> think in terms of the database anymore.  Using torque you simply request the
> objects that you need from the object's Peer class.  

Please, please write this up as a tutorial. The less it assumed the 
reader knows about other persistence layers the better. I'm coming from 
a PHP/perl background so I used to just throw my database calls in the 
code. I'm putting all that stuff into separate database beans now but 
I'd like to learn even better abstraction techniques.

I think it would be great now that Torque has been spun out of Turbine 
that its docs were struts/turbine neutral. But a separate tutorial 
somewhere would be great too.

Thanks, John

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