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From Aaron Lindsey <>
Subject Creating a DynaActionForm instance
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 04:09:28 GMT
Hi all,
   I've seen this question asked a couple of times in the archives, but there 
weren't any answers that I could find, so I'm giving it another shot.  How 
can I create an instance of DynaActionForm from inside an Action in order to 
prepopulate it with data to be displayed in a jsp form?  I tried the 

DynaActionForm myForm = new DynaActionForm();
myForm.set("firstName", "bob");

A NullPointerException is thrown.  Is it possible to do something like this 
with a DynaActionForm?  Do I have to go back to the regular ActionForm to 
have the ability to create an instance of an ActionForm, populate it, put it 
on the Request, and forward to a jsp that will then use the form?  Thanks.


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