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From "emmanuel.boudrant" <>
Subject Re: [Way OT] Eclipse Kick-Start?
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 21:30:30 GMT

Hi Eddie,
The plugin tomcat you see in eclipse is only use for Eclipse documentation, the basic Eclipse
distribution doesn't include a web environement. You need to install somes plugins.
But there is a lot a plugin dedicated for web developpement: Here some usefull plugins : : A tomcat launcher : An XML/JSP plugin. : A struts plugin with wizards and struts-config.xml editor : plugin dedicated to web/xml ui.

With Tomcat Plugin, you can create a Tomcat Project with a webapp hierarchy, export to war...and
run it inside Eclipse (debugger).
Easy Struts is compatible with the Tomcat Plugin and add the struts environement in your project.

For more plugins, check the site or
 Eddie Bush wrote:Hi - I'd like to learn how to use Eclipse to develop web applications. 
I see it has Tomcat installed under it, and there is a plugin for it, 
despite the site specifically saying there is not. I assume the 
documentation on the web site is probably just out of sync.

What must I do? Just create a new Java project and create my heirarchy 
and take off? Is this a suitable environment for developing 
struts-based applications which contain JSPs?

Before some cranberry out there bites my head off, let me apologize for 
shooting of such an off-topic post on a non-friday. I just really like 
what I see, but am not exactly sure how to employ it in my development 
efforts. Is everything just "transparent"? I'm used to the Sun ONE 
Studio (aka Forte for Java) IDE, and you have to explicitly say "I want 
a web model (application) - use this as the base directory for my 
files." Of course, it automatically creates your strucure (standard 
WAR-format), and builds a default deployment descriptor - which is 
handy. It's such a ... *beast* though. Eclipse seems to be much 
lighter on it's toes.

If someone out there has a link to a page that gives a brief overview of 
using Eclipse for developing web applications, that would be ideal. If 
you simply know how it can be easily done, and don't mind to drop me an 
email, feel free to send it to me directly. I'm still digging into this 
and may eventually exume some useful findings, but I would more than 
welcome constructive input to guide me.



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