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From Cliff Rowley <>
Subject Re: A very, very strang problem, urgent help please
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 01:50:44 GMT
On Fri, 2002-08-16 at 02:19, wrote:
> Hello,

Hi :)

> I have a very, very strange problem. I use Struts, with nested tags. And the
> application is deployed on Unix. The page contains a very complexe form.
> When I submit the form, the URL appears on the Internet Explorer address
> field like "http://buick/lf/" ou (When I
> click on a link )"http://buick/lf/secur/accueil.jsp", but IE display an
> error message like " 400 incorrect request, Impossible de trouver la page...
> ". But when I use windows as Server platform(WebSphere), It works.

You didn't specify which application server you are using under unix. 
Still WebSphere?

Also, I dont quite understand the reference to the JSP page - are you
saying the same thing happens when you request a JSP page as when you
request a Struts (*.do) URL?

Also ... in your IE advanced options, turn *off* the 'friendly HTTP
error messages' - they royally suck and more often than not they
disguise the real problem.

> The more strange is, when I submit the form, it gives a error described as
> above. But then I click on the Address field of the IE and return. It works
> (on Unix platform).
> This is very very strange. Has somebody had this problem ? Your helps are
> very appreciaed.

Never seen it myself :\

> Thanks very much.
> Peiqiang 


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