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From Cliff Rowley <>
Subject RE: Initialisation
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 14:19:56 GMT
> sorry, out of my depth again. I read the documentationfor
> ServletContextListener, and I'm not sure... Does this mean that all I have
> to do is implement the interface, drop the .class file in WEB-INF/classes
> and that's it... the code will run when the servlet starts up? Sounds too
> easy!

Perhaps you should read the relevant Servlet specification too.

> How do I override the ActionServlet.init(). I can write the code but where
> do I put it?

That's a very basic OO construct.  Extend the ActionServlet class, call
super.init() and then perform your own initialization.

> Bootstrap servlet - what's that?

A servlet that loads on startup ('load-on-startup' - also see Servlet

> Plugins - Is there any documentation?

There are examples.  On the above notes, I don't know how you expect to
know this stuff without researching them.  The definitive reference for
all the J2EE technologies can be found in their specification(s), which
can be downloaded from the Sun Java website.

Good luck :)


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