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From "Joe Latty" <>
Subject RE: JSP's in WEB-INF and action forward
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 07:29:05 GMT
This wont work because the actual link should be


which is not allowed.

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From: Amir Nashat [mailto:anashat@CJ.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, 2 July 2002 6:07 PM
Subject: Re: JSP's in WEB-INF and action forward


Seems like a simple solution to me but I might be over looking something.
With what you have done as long as you forward to then all the
request parameters will be there. It is important to forward and not
redirect. Thus, when you do forward all the query string parameters will be
there and you can do a simple request.getParameter(parameter name goes in
here) and that should do the trick. Nothing more to it.

>>> 12:11:24 AM 07/02/02 >>>
Ok I am trying to tow the party line here...

Firstly, I have put all my JSP's in the WEB-INF directory. Now the only way
to get to these pages is by action forwards.

If I have an iterator which produces a grid which I would have previously
coded like this e.g.
<logic:iterate id="comp" name="companyForm" property="companyList"
type="CompanyBO" scope="request">
        <td class="gridDataNumber">bean:write name="comp.companyId" /></td>

Now I must submit the form and have the action servlet forward onto with the correct companyId and action.
Do I have to submit the form with some javascript setting the companyId and
the action values, and then form.Submit()?

What is the preferred method?


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