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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: removing parameters from forward
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 05:36:14 GMT
I always check for that parameter in the request attributes first, and 
if I don't find it there, then I check in the request parameters.

Donald Dwoske wrote:
> Quick version:  I have a hidden field named 'action' on
> my form, and when I forward to another action, I want
> that field, plus all the others to be reset.  Is there
> a way to erase all the parameters in a request before 
> returning a new ActionForward?
> Long version:
> I have a situation where I am on one jsp form which has
> a hidden field called "action", this field is
> tells lots of my Actions what to do when the form is submitted,
> thus many form beans have this same property.
> I have a link from that Action which can go to a
> different Action and I need to return to the first action when
> done with the second.
> So my link looks sort of like this:
> When addDefaults is done, I can go back to editWorkRequest.
> This allows me to use addDefaults in many different sub-workflows
> and go back to whatever called it.
> So when my sub-task changes the 'action' field, it messes up
> the 'action' field in my editWorkRequest when I go back there.
> I have all the original information I need for
> still in my session, so I just want a fresh request... any way
> to erase what's in the request, or reset that 'action' field to
> something else?
> -Don
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