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From Heligon Sandra <>
Subject RE: Struts application initialisation workflow.
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 10:15:24 GMT
I know the link it is very good, but
I am some difficulties to access information about Struts forum,
and it is painful to see this message through mails like
I learn a lot of thinks in the Struts API but I don't think that
it is the best solution to understand a project. And this documentation
is not updated for the struts1.1. For instance the process()
method in the Action class has been depreciated.
I think it is better to have access to the project's model (with class
sequence diagram, or collaboration diagram).
Unfortunately I have found only one struts diagram on,
but it doesn't deal with the Struts application initialisation. 
I am very interested in your diagram.

Thanks in advance
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From: Rajesh Pradhan []
Sent: 03 July 2002 11:34
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: RE: Struts application initialisation workflow.

Hi Heligon,
There are some very good documents at the and also
can read the Struts API which also would really be useful.

There is also one UML diagram showing the whole flow of struts application.
if u want it .. i will fwd it to u.


Rajesh Pradhan

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From: Heligon Sandra []
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 2:37 PM
To: ''
Subject: Struts application initialisation workflow.


	Where can I find information about the application start-up sequence
diagram ?
	I need to know in which order struts components and servlet classes
are instantiated.
	For example if I use ServletContextListener, HttpSessionListener,
and a sub-class of RequestProcessor,
	which class is instantiated in first.
	Is the order  the same as the classes have been declared in the
web.xml file ?
	If the web.xml is configured in order to initialize the controller
servlet when the webapp starts up,
	Is the init() method of the ActionServlet responsible of listeners
instantiation? and when is the RequestProcessor
	instantiated in the init() too ?
	The processPreprocess() method is called for the first time when the
first request associated to an action arrive, is it true ?
	It is difficult to understand well the initialisation workflow but
it is important for developers.
	Has somebody a documentation about that or the one solution is to
look at the struts source ?
	People which can reply to these questions are probably struts
developers, but I don't know if I can post
	such questions in the struts-dev mailing list.

	Thanks a lot.

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