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From Heligon Sandra <>
Subject HttpSession initialisation
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 16:58:07 GMT


	Sorry to question about this newbie point but I don't find answer in
	the Struts documentation.
	I don't understand how the sessions are created in Struts ?

	Which component is responsible of this task ? I think that it is
	the controller but each application has to program it with a
	getSession(true/false) or is it an automatic process ?
	Where the session creation must be done ?
	If I have a form login/logout in my application, the Action
associated to
	this page must do the session creation, isn't it ?

	Action example:
		// Ask Login to a desktop authentication server
		// Create Session, is it possible to set the session
		// to associate it to a database index for instance
		// Where the session is stored?
	After for each request I can test the HttpSession in the method of
	the RequestProcessor.

	If the application controls the session creation (in a execute()
action method)
	what is the interest in sessionCreate() method in the
HttpSessionListener ?
	For the delete, the session is destroyed automatically after the
	Is the timeout configurable in a properties file ?

	Thanks a lot for you help

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