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From Heligon Sandra <>
Subject Communication/Relation between Struts controller and HTTP server/ Servlet engine
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 13:12:59 GMT


	I have to write a document about Struts implementation in my
	Now I understand the Struts components well but I have 
	problems in explaining the request flow between the web browser
	and Struts. More precisely the relation between the HTTP Server
	(Apache) with the servlet extension (Tomcat) and the Struts
	I am not sure but I believe that the HTTP server and the Servlet
	communicate through TCP-IP, are they ?
	In the Struts diagrams the request arrives to the ActionServlet, but
they are
	some steps between the browser and the Struts controller how the
	ActionServlet is instantiated for instance?
	This component is created when Apache-Tomcat starts up and 
	is destroyed when Apache-Tomcat is closed, isn't it ?
	A lot of people only know the HTTP Server concept, it isn't easy to
	the concepts of Servlet engine and Struts framework.  
	Can someone send me a diagram or explain me the communication
between the 
	Struts controller components (like Actionservlet, RequestProcessor,
	and the HTTP Server - Servlet engine ?

	Tanks a lot in advance.


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