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Subject Re: dynamic forward?
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 01:10:02 GMT
Subject: Re: dynamic forward?
From: "Matt Raible" <>
If you use container-managed authentication - "bookmarking" per se will work
just great.  When a user tries to access a "protected" url, they are
forwarded to the login page, and then back to the URL they requested.  Works

With your architecture, it's a little tougher.  Maybe in ViewCompanyAction
set the URL requested as a request-scoped varaible.  In your login page, use
that has a hidden field, and then in LoginAction, check to see if that
paramter was passed in, if so, use it as your forward.



"Reinhard" <> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I'm new in struts and need help. How can I define a dynamic forward.
> A user calls an ViewCompanyAction (/action/viewcompany?id=10)
> stored in his Favorites.
> The Action checks that the user is not logged in right now and forwards
> him to login page.
> Til there its not a problem.
> ViewCompanyAction checks that the user is not logged in and forwards
> him to "global-forwards" login.
> But the "LoginAction" has defined a forward to another page. And every
> the LoginAction succeed this page will be displayed.
> But I need a redirect to my /action/viewcompany?id=10.
> How can I do that
> thanks in advance
> Reinhard

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