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From jfc100 <>
Subject do both req-scope and sess-scope fbeans get stored in the session?
Date Sun, 26 May 2002 20:39:48 GMT

I am fairly new to struts and have been reading Ted Husted's chp2 in 
'Prof JSP Site Design' where  it says:

Page 44 The Action Form class :
' The framework assumes that you have created an ActionForm bean for 
each input form required in your application. For every bean defined in 
the struts-config.xml file, the framework does the following before 
calling the perform() method of the Action class:

    It checks in the user's session for an instance of a bean of the 
appropriate class, under the appropriate key. If there is no such bean 
available under the session, a new one is automatically created and 
added to the user's session.


My question: Do both request scoped and session scoped form beans get 
stored in the session? If so what is the significance of the scope 
attribute in the action mapping?


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