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Subject Struts design question about maintenance screens
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:09:42 GMT

Hi Folks:

thanks to your help, you indicated that the Action should preload form
values on a maintenance form.   This works great.

I have an Action object that allows maintenance on a table (call it table
A).   This action object handles "preloading of data"
as well as the actual "updating of data" (Add/Edit/View).

Another question I have:
- The action object gets kind of "kludgey" in how I have to keep track of
"whether I am preloading data (called from a html:link)" or whether I am
"Applying" the data (called from the form Submit).
Is it "overkill" if I create 2 different actions (1 action to preload the
data and another to "update" the data)?    I think by doing it this way, it
may be easier for me to incorporate the "sensitive form resubmit"
prevention by using tokens.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


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