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From Sean Willson <>
Subject Re: changing from *.do to /do/* screws up everything?
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:10:33 GMT

Thats where the Struts Forward action comes in:

<!-- display a page -->
<action path="/display"
         parameter="/WEB-INF/views/display.jsp" />

This is a generic action that comes with struts that allows you to 
forward on to another resource. Whether that resource is a servlet, a 
JSP, or whatever. Check out the javadocs for more info.


Bryan Field-Elliot wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 11:56, Ted Husted wrote:
>  > It originally came up in response to inquiries about how to enforce MVC.
>  > If all the JSPs are under WEB-INF, then the only possible way to get to
>  > them is through an action. Users can't just bookmark a JSP and pop into
>  > the middle of something.
>  >
>  > Though, if you self-impose the recommended model of linking only to
>  > actions, the value of actually storing the pages under WEB-INF
>  > diminishes, since the address of the page is never directly exposed to
>  > the user.
>  >
> So Ted, one small gap in my Struts knowledge (in terms of
> best-practices) is, what's the recommended way to build a pass-through
> Action which really does just display a JSP page?
> I have a "signup.jsp" form, which for the sake of this discussion, is
> going to be underneath WEB-INF. I really don't need any processing in an
> action to execute prior to displaying the form -- I just want to link to
> the (empty) form. Since I can't link directly to it, I need some kind of
> really shallow Action to get at it. How do you usually build this?
> Bryan
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