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From Kevin O'Neill <>
Subject Some newbie questions
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2002 03:54:21 GMT
I'm looking for guidance on the patterns used to handle composite patterns in 

If there is a document I should have read ... please feel free to tell me to 

The in side of things I understand (I think :)), the output side of things 
starts to get a little shady for me when we start to deal with result sets as 
opposed to individual records.

My initial thought is to create a collection of form beans and return that 
from a stateless session bean (my primary data container is entity beans), 
but I'm unsure.

What about composites, for instance order, items? Do I create a composite 
form object that has the order and the line items or do I set two objects, 
order, line items?

The other option is to return some XML and transform it in the display.

My second area of confusion is composite pages. 

if I use the template tag (or tiles), can I include parts that will be 
processed via the action pipeline.

e.g. the top of the page contains some information regarding the user, the 
application is stateless and extraction of the data is cheaper than storing 
it in a session variable so I what to extract it based on the user name.

the second part of the page is context specific, say a list of orders for the 

can both of these parts get their data via struts dispatch?

hope this doesn't sound too confused to answer :)


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