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From "AJ Morris">
Subject Re: Execute_Struts_in_Netbeans?
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 15:43:55 GMT
I have answered my own question about how to execute struts apps with the
integrated Tomcat. This is a much easier process than I have seen other
people suggest.

I use Ant, but this process will work if you rely on the integrated
compiler. All you need to do is mount a directory for your compiler output,
and tell Netbeans to direct the compiler output there.

1) Mount struts.jar, and any other jars your app relies on. This is how
Netbeans adds them to the classpath.

2) Mount the directory which contains your compiled classes. You must mount
the directory one-above your packages (one-above com, org, whatever).
Again, this is how Netbeans adds them to the classpath.

3) Now, you must mount your deployment structure. That is, mount the
directory one-above your WEB-INF. I use Ant, with a typical structure (src,
web, build, dist). I had to mount the "/build" directory, because Netbeans
failed to resolve some files when I attempted to execute from the "/web"
directory. Why?

4) Netbeans will only allow yout to directly execute a JSP, so you can just
rick click and "Execute" any JSP, perhaps your index page, that links to
servlets. Of course, if you modify anything other than a JSP, you must
right click and choose the "Execute (restart server)" option.

That's all their is to it! But, the next hurdle is getting the integrated
debugger to work.

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