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From Pete Carapetyan <>
Subject Re: struts-expresso
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 16:02:55 GMT
I have placed an Expresso walk through with screen shots etc that you can use to get
a quick view of the main features. It is all hyperlinked, so you can view only the
parts that you want to consider.

It also has 30 or so sample apps you can download, and app generator written in
Struts/Expresso, if that would help in your evaluation.

I would caution you though that Expresso can be a bit enticing.  . . . Most of us
start with a variation of the same thing you said "I only want to use it for ......"
but then when they discover how much other cool stuff is there, it is a bit hard to
force yourself to write your own, when the functionality is already there and unit
tested and integrated etc. Beware!

Myself, I started a year ago and all I was going to use was the connection pool
object. Yeah, right. Oh well, at least I have had a lot of fun. wrote:

> Rakesh,
> I agree it seems like a good combination , defintely so for the database part of
> it, Does it provide flexibility in terms of querying from a stored procedure ,
> can you map from multiple sources ?? As I see it I want to use struts as my my
> "view" as well as my "controller",
> I am only looking at expresso for the  "model" part for now.
> What container are you using ?
> Also, If possible could you briefly talk about your struts -expresso model,
> Have you used any of the other features like the Job controller ?? Would you
> know if it would integrate with JMS as well ?
> Can you make these dbobjects as session ejb beans, I am assuming I can.
> Thanks Again.
> -Srini
> Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 20:27:55 +0530
> To: <>
> From: "Rakesh" <>
> Subject: Re: struts-expresso
> Message-ID: <>
> Michael,
> Expresso provides a set of features which help you cut down on your
> development time drastically especially if your application is database
> oriented.
> 1. First and foremost the DBObjects makes its truly object-oriented...
> 2. Minimal SQL or no SQL
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> All your tables are mapped into java classes called DBObjects and all data
> is set to this ... which internally creates SQL and writes to ur tables..
> and you have a more secure version of it called SecureDBObjects. I found
> this quite interesting as getter-setters from your Form bean can directly
> write to the fields of the DBObjects. I'll add a small example.
>  inspTable.setField("BloodGroup", insForm.getBloodGroup());
>  inspTable.setField("Occupation", insForm.getOccupation());
>  inspTable.setField("Height", insForm.getHeight());
>  inspTable.setField("Weight", insForm.getWeight());
>  inspTable.setField("Diseases", insForm.getDiseases());
>  inspTable.setField("Allergies", insForm.getAllergies());
>  inspTable.add();
> inspTable here is a DBObject which stands for a specific table in my
> database, which is again configured through an xml file...quite similar to
> the struts-config. when I say "inspTable.add()", it creates an insert
> statement and writes to your table.
> observe the way I am using the Form Bean "insForm". The same goes for
> selects as well where you have getFields and the getter methods of your Form
> Bean.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> 3. Then expresso provides an efficient Pool manager.
> 4. Multi-level logging through Log4j.
> Another advantage with expresso is that you can integrate it with
> anything... including applets.. its that flexible.
> The controller and the rest of the MVC is entirely through Struts.
> I personally found struts and expresso an excellent combination to work
> with.
> Thanks,
>  Rakesh Ayilliath

Pete Carapetyan
Java Development Services

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