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From Volker Krebs <>
Subject Re: action chaining without resetting action forms
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 12:58:40 GMT

> For the nightly build, I've suggested that we add two new methods so
> that one Action can invoke another, but need some people to test the
> idea for me. (Since I don't do this sort of thing myself.)
> If anyone is interested, I can post a patched JAR. But then they really,
> really need to tell me that it works, or else this will never be
> committed. 

I'm intrested, can you please post a patched JAR.
We are doing some Action chaning in our application.

>>I want to 'chain' actions, by setting the forward of one to be
>>The problem is that this resets the action form before calling the next

In our Application this works fine. If I forward from one Action 

to another Action,

the form Bean is still known in the second Action.
But this might be, because both Actions use the same FormBean
in their struts-config name tag as default FormBean.


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