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From "Rob Breeds" <>
Subject Incompatible object error trying to instantiate an Action
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 14:14:36 GMT

Hello I've been successfully forwarding a form submit to an Action (A0)
which uses a parameter in the form to forward to another Action (call it
A1) which performs business logic and populates a bean to display in a
result page. It all works.

I now copy that working Action (A1) class to another business logic Action
(A2) and rename it where appropriate.

I set up the config file for the new Action A2, and change my input form so
it offers another parameter such that Action A0 will forward to A2.

When the new Action class (A2 is FindBusinessSimple in this case) is
forwarded to, I get this weird error in the log:

[Servlet LOG]: action: Error creating Action instance for path
'/findBusiness', class name '******.inquire.FindBusinessSimple':
java.lang.VerifyError: (class: ********/inquire/FindBusinessSimple, method:
perform signature:

Incompatible object

If I select the other parameter in the form, class A1 still works as

(I've had to ***** some of the package names for confidentiality reasons
but that doesn't change the problem!)

Any ideas please? I'm stumped. I'm running in WebSphere App Server 4.0 and
up until now, that hasn't been a problem...


Rob Breeds

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