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From "Greg Callaghan" <>
Subject Back to Previous Page - Recommended approach for struts???
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 22:21:47 GMT

What's the recommended approach in struts for implementing a "go back to 
previous page" button, in the situation when you may have arrived at that 
page from more than one path???

Eg. View may be a "Show Items" page, which you can get to say -:
(a) from the main page - in which all items are displayed
(b) from a search page - in which only selected items are displayed
    (ie the expected collection of items the VIEW requires has
     less entries in it here)
(c) from another page which relates specifically to an item, then you link 
from here to the show items page to see detail of that item (ie in this case 
only 1 item will be in the collection)

The requirement is to have a single BACK BUTTON on the screen that will go 
back to the page one come from.  Note that in the case of (c) it the page 
requires some input (eg parameter, or populated form bean in scope).

Options that come to mind -:
* use browser go back (but doesn't seem elegant)??
* hard code logic into pages (but goes against the grain of struts??)
* a struts approach??.......

Hope that makes sense.  Thanks in advance.


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