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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: bean:message and performance
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:32:26 GMT


  I don't know if your poor performances come from bean:message tags, but there
is an alternative to it.
  Another approach to i18n is having one page for each Locale. Each page contains
appropriate translation. Pages can be grouped in localized directories.
  Tiles framework can help you for this (and for the 64k limit !). You can have
different version of the same Tile (a jsp page), one for each Locale. When you
insert your Tile, framework choose the appropriate one, according to Locale.
Mapping between Tiles name to insert and real jsp page is done in
tilesDefinition.xml file. You have one config file per Locale. Config file naming
follow the Java properties file convention (extension with Locale's
  Tiles allow mixing of localized Tiles and use of bean:message. Use Tiles for
big pages, tags for small part, menus, ...

  Hope this help,


Francois-Xavier Bonnet wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am using bean:message tag for internationalizing my pages. My problem
> is that some pages have too many tags (sometimes up to 50 just for bean:
> message) :
> 1) for some jsp, the generated .class file may exceed the 64 K limit
> allowed for a java method
> 2) even if pages do not reach this limit, performance are poor
> I have been thinking about 2 solutions to this problem :
> 1) writing some servlet that would replace bean:message tags by their
> value before compilation and cache the result jsp file in one folder for
>  each language.
> 2) using some other tool for i18n of my application (maybe cocoon ?)
> Any idea or advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Francois-Xavier
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