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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: Using tiles and expresso
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:07:35 GMT
  Hi Peter,

  I also think that you need to integrate code of one in the other. The better is
to create a new servlet extending Expresso or Tiles, and integrate code of the

  For Tiles, ActionComponentServlet do following things :

   * initialize Tiles by a call to a method initComponentDefinitionsMapping().
     You can copy/paste the appropriate method.
   * catch any call to RequestDispatcher.include or forward.
     Each of these calls are replaced by a call to a new method
     processForward(...). This method do all Tiles job in ActionServlet.

  In original Struts Servlet, calls to include and forward are located  in
processActionForward(...) and processValidate(...). So, Tiles provide a copy of
these methods, with appropriate replacement for include or servlet.

  Has anyone already tried to integrate both ? I am interested to know possible


Peter Georgiou wrote:

> Hi
> My question regards using struts with tiles and expresso.   For tiles I need
> to define in web.xml:
> org.apache.struts.tiles.ActionComponentServlet       and for expresso I need
> to define in web.xml:
> com.jcorporate.expresso.core.controller.ExpressoActionServlet.
> If I want to use both Tiles and Expresso what can I do to include both of
> the required Action classes.  The only way I can think of is to include the
> implementation of one within the other.  I'm ion.assuming that I can only
> use one Action servlet within an applicat
> Thanks
> Peter
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