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From "Marc L. de Bruin" <>
Subject Check session/BO @ the view without using Java
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 20:48:12 GMT

I'm a new Struts user (not new on MVC tho). Before starting my own 
Struts-based webapp, I thought it would be wise to study some tutorials 
first. One of these is . It is 
the common  logon.jsp/homepage.jsp example.

However, I don't feel very comfortable with their resulting MVC, because 
they have Java-code within the homepage.jsp to avoid 'deep linking'. It 
looks like this:

*/<%@page contentType="text/html"%>/*
*<jsp:useBean **id**=*"User"* scope**=*"session"* **class**=*"com.jspinsider.struts.User"*

*/<% if (User.isActive() == false){%>/*
    *<jsp:forward page**=*'logon.jsp'* />*   


*My question: 
- Is this the proper way to do it? I didn't expect Java-code to appear @ the view;
- If not, what is the proper way to accomplish such a result?



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