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From Alexander Jesse <>
Subject RE: David Winterfeldt's Validator Framework + Jbuilder 5.0 + Tomc at 3.2.1
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:55:42 GMT

we are using the following setup and have no problem whatsoever with it.

1. We are not using WEBRUN. we definied a special run-configuration that 
   executes Tomcat. This allows also to set the home-dir of tomcat to
   a jb-project internal directory.
2. We have no nostrutstomcat32.jar (none of the opentools...)

setup (on a NT-box)
(always replace <xxx> with defined values...)

jb-root: c:\apps\JBuilder5 (tomcat underneath)
project-root: C:\data\jbproject\<projectname>
under the project-root there is the following setup:
(1)  <project-root>\src
(2)  <project-root>\classes
(3)  <project-root>\conf
(4)  <project-root>\webapps
(5)  <project-root>\webapps\<context_name>\
(6)  <project-root>\webapps\<context_name>\WEB-INF

(1) and (2) are JB-standard (source- and class-tree)
(3) contains tomcat's configuration files (server.xml,...) copy over from 
    <jb-root>\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1\conf to start
(4) houses all webapps for this project (normally just one!)
(5) is the webapp-root for this project (meaning standard from here down)
(6) struts-config.xml, tld's and all the rest...

In the project there is a runtime-configuration as follows:
<Application><Main class>org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat
<Application><VM parameters>-Dtomcat.home=<jb-root>/jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1
-Xmx32m -Xms16m
<Application><Application parameters>-f <project-root>/conf/server.xml

Basically this starts a separate Tomcat-VM telling tomcat to search its config in 
our project-dirs. In tomcat's server.xml check out the following settings:
<ContextManager debug="0" workDir="some_path_to_a_workdir" home="/data/jbproject/<projectname>"
showDebugInfo="true" >
<Context path="" docBase="webapps" debug="0" reloadable="true" ></Context>

The only drawback is more problems debugging the jsp-stuff, ut we can live with it...

In the project-definitions just define a library containing pointers to all
necessary jar-files (struts.jar, validation-jar, and all the rest). JB will construct
a classpath for tomcat containing all library-addressed jar-files plus the
<project-root>\classes directory. Definitions are read whenever you start
this run-configuration (dropdown-list in menubar; not the small button under the

hope this helps

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From: []
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 11:56 PM
Subject: David Winterfeldt's Validator Framework + Jbuilder 5.0 + Tomcat


I'm having trouble getting the July release of the Validator framework
working with Jbuilder and the included Tomcat 3.2.1.  After following
the installation instructions, and  modifying one of my forms to test
out the validation framework, it seems I'm having some classpath/.jar

When I start tomcat through Jbuilder (by choosing Web Run), I see that
the classpath used to startup tomcat does not having the struts.jar
entry in it.  Even though I've added the struts.jar to the project, I
*think* it's not there because of nostrutstomcat32.jar.  Therefore, I
get noClassDefFound exceptions for things like the Digester, and

If anyone has got this combination working, can you please send me your
config info.  I've been struggling with this for some time now.



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