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From "Aapo Laakkonen" <>
Subject Re: URL rewriting and cookies
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 11:43:23 GMT
I still have not got any answers for the problem described below.

Is there some problems with struts custom img-tag?

Why it is generating tags like this?

<img src="/images/blue.gif;jsessionid=0001CEAAQCTISJFXCZWNZLC2WNA">

Where does this ';' came from and why there it is not '?' instead?

Do I have to add ? on every picture if I like to use URL rewriting instead
of cookies?

> > Could you post an example of the type of URLs you're seeing?
> Here is the struts <html:img>-tag:
> <html:img srcKey="" altKey="" width="715"
> height="7" border="0"/>
> And it generates output like this:
> <img src="/images/blue.gif;jsessionid=0001CEAAQCTISJFXCZWNZLC2WNA" alt=""
> height="7" width="715" border="0">
> As you see ";jsessionid=0001CEAAQCTISJFXCZWNZLC2WNA" is absolutely crap
> I don't want to have in src-attribute. This occurs only when I enable
> URL-rewriting and disable cookies in my application server (WAS 3.5.4 on
> AIX). I have WAS modified struts package installed.
> My client likes to use URL-rewriting and disable cookies... I'm not sure
> this problem occurs even if both URL rewriting and Cookies are enabled.
> again my client wants to use only URL-rewriting, because they have quite
> strict deployment standards.
> Images are not served by WAS as my client uses separate Web Server for
> serving static content and they don't want to have any overhead that is
> generated by WAS layer if the files can be served directly by Apache or
> other Web Server as it is the case with images in this app.
> Can someone at least confirm me if the problem exists in struts framework
> somewhere else so I can point my finger to the source of the problem...
> leave you to think how you can improve this great framework.
> Have you heard anything about WebWare for Python? I think that Struts
> developers should look at the ideas implemented in WebWare... if you
> have not. It's really nice app server ... at least in developer's point of
> view, imho.
> Original message:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have some small problems with struts on WebSphere 3.5.4 on AIX.
> Everything works fine, if I enable cookies and disable URL rewriting. But
> when I enable URL rewriting and disable cookies (or maybe I just need to
> enable URL rewriting) struts is generating (or is it because of
> struts)strange URL's. For example if I have used <html:img
> srcKey="image.logo"... /> tag then struts generates the tag correctly but
> adds session id at the end of HTML's <img>-tags source attribute. And then
> the image is not displayed to the user because the generated URL points to
> wrong place.
> How can I remove struts from adding session ids at the end of the src
> attribute?

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