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From "Abhishek Srivastava" <>
Subject How to get ActionForm as input
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 09:34:25 GMT
Hello All,

I have a <html:form> this form can be used to create, read, update and
delete a record from a ejb service.

Since one form can have only one <html:submit /> button, I have created all
four of these operations as hyperlinks.

Now when I click on these links My Action does get executed, but nothing of
ActionForm is populated. The reason I guess is that I have not done a

How can I have the ActionForm populated? I tried giving the input attribute
to the actionmapping in struts.config but that did not help.

Is it possible that I can have multiple <html:submit buttons each pointing
to a different action. that way also I can solve my problem.
Else there should be some way to populate the Form even when a form.submit
was not done.

Please help.


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