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From "jelmer" <>
Subject using PropertyUtils.copyProperties on an entity bean
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 14:42:34 GMT
Hi all,

I am running into some trouble mapping between form beans and entity
Looking through the mailarchives I found out that the best way to use
ejbs with stuts is to load and unload ejbs in the struts actions. So
that's exactly what I did.
However when trying to map the contents of the formbean to an container
managed entitybean using the propertyutils form the apache commons
project 1.1 The bean stops being persistent. 

eg. In the following example :

PropertyUtils.copyProperties(profile, regform);
profile.setUsername ("after");

the first setUsername is stored to the database
the propertyUtils copy the properties correctly however they are not
stored to the underlying database
any subsequent setter calls don't get stored eighter. So the username is
never set to after.

I am running resin cmp 1.03 on linux with a mysql backend.
To me this seems like a bug in the resin ejb 2 implementation. 
But I could be missing something as I don't have a lot of experience
using ejb's.
So I'd like to make sure before taking this to the folks at caucho
Does someone have an idea what could be causing this.


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