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From "Cameron Ingram" <>
Subject Tomcat-Apache Struts Intergration?
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 14:27:11 GMT
Hi All,

   I got tomcat and apache integrated and working together, however I do not seem to have
the struts part configured correctly. I followed the installation directions to the letter
on the web site.  I am using the struts example as my test. If I use tomcat directly(port
8080) every thing works great!  However when I use apache , and here is the weird thing, the
only page that seems to be able to handle the .do extension is the logon page. In other words
every thing else that has a .do associated to it will not work. Apache for some reason is
trying to handle those pages. Soooo is there any one out there using apache, tomcat and struts
on netware, also could some one who has integrated the three successfully send me some instructions
on how they did it? By the way I am using the latest version of Apache and Tomcat 3.3. Any
help you guys could give would be great!

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