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From "Peter Pilgrim" <>
Subject Re: Struts action populate a list then display the jsp
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 17:32:43 GMT

A real shame!

To answer my on own question.

The only way it does work though is by hard coded scriptlets or by
writing custom DB tags that populate the beans with item from the
database in the JSP. Then you can surely guarantee that
when the surfer hits the "submit" button that the data you
are receiving are correct?
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From: Peter Pilgrim/DMGIT/DMG UK/DeuBa@DMG UK on 01/10/2001 16:04

Please respond to
Chicken and the egg

I have a data source and bean with a list of items
One JSP view that list the content of the data source.
I have one action.

I want to allow the user to choose an element from the data source.
My action populates the bean with the items, then go to the view.
The problem is that the user bookmarks the view and of course
there is no data in the bean. How do you populate the bean
without going into the action first?

What is the best practice of populating an a bean from the data

Can you inside a JSP get a reference to an action or ask
Struts to create it if it has not done it yet? If you can do
that then you could call the action by pseudo action
to populate the bean?

Can you call an action without an action form?



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