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From "Clóvis Yutaka Harada" <>
Subject RE: Feedback on Struts Pros and Cons
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 22:47:46 GMT
In MVC nomenclature consider ActionServlet as the controller and Action and
the Validation Framework as controller extensions (I used these names as
class names in old projects before I discover struts), so business dosn´t
fit here. And thinking a little, it isn´t a good idea to put business logic
here (routing and domain validation isn´t business), as these code will be
coupled with struts (and servlet and web).
Because actions decides which commands to execute, decides where to go next
and prepares the environment for jsp view rendering, I think I can call it
"controller extension".

Ted Husted wrote:

This is actually quite good, but I'm a nit-picker ;-)

David Bueche wrote:
> 1. Provides a controller ActionServlet that dispatches requests to the
appropriate business actions (Action subclasses) provided by the application
developer.  All dispatching is defined in an XML file (struts-config.xml).

Personally, I don't consider Action subclasses to be business objects.
Rather, they should be used to invoke business method. They are an
adapter between HTTP and the rest of your application. 

See also Section 2.5 of the User Guide

"[Arrange] things so that your Action classes (part of the Controller
role, as described below) translate  all required information from the
HTTP request being processed into property setter calls on your business
logic beans ... Such a business logic class can be reused in
environments other than the web application for which they were
initially constructed."

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