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From Justin Piper <>
Subject RE: Real time web page?
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 13:00:31 GMT
A couple of options spring to mind.  You could use a META refresh to reload
the page every so often.  It's a little clumsy, but widely supported, and
easy to add.  The downside is that reloading the entire page is likely to
interrupt the user's concentration.  I've seen some browsers that scroll to
the top of the document whenever the page is refreshed.

The alternative is to split your window into two frames, a very small one
that loads a page full of JavaScript functions with a META refresh, and your
main frame with your content.  The small frame simply updates the data in
the larger frame whenever the refresh triggers.  The downside here is you
increase the complexity of your page, rewriting a page using JavaScript is
difficult in older browsers, and as a bonus you get all the problems
inherent with using frames.

There *is* a way to keep a connection between a browser and HTTP server
alive and send updates through that, but it's hairy, and I don't know how
well it'd scale.  Try searching the web for multipart/x-mixed-replace, if
you're feeling brave.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 11:17 AM
Subject: Real time web page?

Hi everyone.  We are starting a new project and have a requirement for
updates in a web browser.  Does anyone know of any tools that allow for
apart from applets?



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